LSRP85-24 Ultra Low Freezer (Quick Ship)

LSRP85-24 Ultra Low Freezer (Quick Ship)


7’ Screen Control System
7-inch Android HD display touch screen, user-friendly interface, and more accurate temperature control, with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other functions, more convenient operation, and more comprehensive functions.
High-Precision Temperature Control System
The high-precision computerized temperature control system ensures an adjustable temperature within a range from -40°C to -86°C inside the cabinet, and the high-definition digital temperature display has a display accuracy of 0.1 ℃.
Powerful Refrigeration System
The LSR85-24 ultra-low freezer is equipped with a high-efficiency compressor and EBM fan to save energy and be environmentally friendly. The large finned condenser delivers efficient and effective heat dissipation to ensure consistent ULT temperatures.
Effective Thermal Insulation
This upright ultra-low freezer’s door is equipped with vacuum insulation with a seal. The six sides of the cabinet are made from high-performance vacuum insulation materials, which can provide effective thermal insulation.



7’ Screen Control System

·7-inch Android HD display touch screen with a user-friendly interface, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other functions provide more convenient operation and more comprehensive functions.

·The high-precision microcomputer control system and platinum resistor sensors enable users to set the temperature inside the cabinet within a range from -40 to -86℃.

Refrigeration System

·The high-efficiency compressor and EBM fan are energy-saving and highly efficient.

·The large finned condenser with a space between fins≤2mm provides effective heat dissipation.

Security System

·Audible & visual alarm system with high/low temperature, sensor failure, power failure, low battery, door ajar, mainboard communication error, high ambient temperature, built-in data logger USB failure alarms.

·The compressors’ start delay and stopping interval protection ensure reliable operation.

·Both the touch screen controller and keyboard controller have password protection which can prevent any adjustment of operational parameters without permission.


·The newly designed assisting handle and vacuum release port allow the freezer door to be operated single-handed.

·The 304 stainless steel liner is low-temperature tolerant and corrosion-resistant delivering long service life and is easy to clean.

·The universal casters and leveling feet are more convenient for movement.


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