LSRP85-1.75 Ultra Low Freezer (Quick Ship)

LSRP85-1.75 Ultra Low Freezer (Quick Ship)



Built in USB data logger logs temperature every 10 minutes and holds onto the data for 2 years.

Precise Temperature Control and Safe Storage

Microprocessor-based temperature controller, -40℃~-86℃ can be set freely with display accuracy at 0.1℃.

Visual & Audio Alarm system

High/low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, door ajar alarm, high air temperature alarm, and communication failure alarm.



High-precision Temperature Control

  • Digital temperature display; displays inner temperature, power and voltage, ambient temperature and more at the same time.
  • 2 inch high-brightness digital temperature display, microprocessor-based temperature controller, -40℃~-86℃ can be set freely.

Alarm system

  • Audible & visual alarm system: High/low temperature, sensor error, power failure, low battery, door ajar, high ambient temperature, communication failure etc.
  • Startup delay and stop interval protection function to ensure reliable operation.
  • Keyboard lock and password protection function to prevent arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters.
  • Safety door lock design ensures safety of stored samples.

Refrigeration System

  • Applied Secop (Primary Danfoss) compressor, 1 unit to reduce noise and improve the cooling performance.
  • Gasket surrounded with hot gas pipe for better defrost.
  • 130mm foaming insulation including Vacuum Insulated Panel for high-efficiency
    cooling performance.


  • (4) Casters for easy handling.
  • Front opening lockable door with full height handle and a vacuum release port for easy open during cooling operation.

Insulation System

  • The thickness of the outer door insulation layer is equal to or greater than 90mm.
  • The thickness of the insulation layer in the refrigerator body is equal to or greater than 110mm.
  • The thickness of the inner door insulation layer is equal to or greater than 40mm.
  • Perfectly lock air conditioning, effectively prevent the loss of cooling capacity.


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