ULUF 15 Ultra Low Freezer

ULUF 15 Ultra Low Freezer

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0.3 cu.FT Ultra Low Benchtop/Undercounter Freezer

The ULUF 15 will add a new dimension to your laboratory. The freezer can be used as either a benchtop or undercounter model. The compact space-saving design and low noise level makes it a perfect storage solution for your laboratory. The ULUF -86°C series is produced with the true and original single compressor technology.


  • Single compressor technology
  •  Low energy consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Insulated inner doors
  • Heated door frame
  • 100% HCFC/CFC free
  • Porthole for external temperature probes
  • Filterless construction



Item code US-DAI 1390
Temperature range (°C) -40 / -86
Temperature range (F) -40 / -123
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 25
Max. ambient temperature (F) 77
Capacity (L) 7
Capacity (cu.FT) 0.3
Exterior dimensions WxDxH (mm) 400x630x665
Exterior dimensions WxDxH (inches) 15.75 x 24.80 x 26.18
Interior dimensions WxDxH (mm) 150x143x310
Interior dimensions WxDxH (inches) 5.91 x 5.63 x 12.20
Weight (KG) 63
Weight (lb) 139
Insulation (mm) 120
Insulation (inches) 4.7


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